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Shiatsu Massage

Japanese Shiatsu Massage 
Japanese Shiatsu & Swedish Deep Tissue Massage in Dubai
By pressure to stimulate the skin, Japanese Shiatsu Massage in Dubai is to adjust the internal organs, promote hormone secretion, to inspire the youth vigor, regulate endocrine function.

Shiatsu massage technique,  because of the characteristics of the different parts, has a unique ordered of the procedure. Japanese shiatsu combined with flap rubbing, kneading massage technique, etc.

It can relieve the mental fatigue, release pressure and eliminate the effect of anxiety and tension. It is conducive to the rehabilitation of chronic diseases, at the same time, improve human immunity, prevention of vascular aging, and so on.

Pure authentic Japanese massage technique, need to combine the pure natural plant essence massage oil.

To pressure, friction, massage to human body, thus stimulating the skin nerve, improve quality of skin, relieve muscle fatigue. The skin will remove the fat slimming, and raise color of the skin.

Japanese shiatsu massage pattern is based on traditional Japanese "acupressure therapy", it "refers to the pressure method" as the main characteristics, through the human body acupuncture point to press. 

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