Japanese massage in Dubai  

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Japanese Massage in Dubai

Japanese Massage In Dubai

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A lot of people under high pressure of life all day, the body is too much tired. We need to find a way to relax ourselves. The massage is the best way of all. In all kinds of massage in Dubai, the Japanese massage would be the best option.

Japanese massage in Dubai back massage 5 steps.

1. Relax the vertebral body

Guests lay on the leg flexion. Masseuse's hand is due to the shoulder and the spine. Then massage the back before make moves back and forth, intervertebral disc to activities, release the conglutination, adjust the vertebral joint disorders. 

2. Loosen the small of the back muscle. 

Thumbs from one side of the waist muscle starting point pressure to shoulder cape bone, and rub it shoulder cape bone.

3. Massage the waist and shoulder

Masseuse resist the guest the waist on a knee, one hand pulls on the leg knee, the other one pulled the bow type of waist and resist the waist. To turn the shoulder movement.

4. On the other side of the operations you repeat the steps 1-3.

5. The guests take a prone position

Masseuse one hand holding the guests around the waist or hips, single-handedly took up the leg, waist or hip after exercise. On both sides with the law.

The massage time

A massage a person usually, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes of time, if the body takes more or less can't stand the pain, you should reduce the time of the massage. If is a serious heart disease or kidney disease patients, massage until the organ reflection zone, the best massage for three to five minutes. In addition, to suffer from severe cardiac massage, to control the power.

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