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Foot reflexology massage

Posted by Ruby on November 28, 2016 at 3:10 PM



The body's feet together just like the overall microcosm of the human body, the body's tissues and organs in the human body has its corresponding anatomical sites, namely the reflex zone. The use of physical means (such as fingers, massage tools) in the body's feet on the reflex zone to impose by, pressure, scraping and other practices, can regulate the body's physiological functions, so as to achieve disease diagnosis, disease treatment, self-care the goal of. This physical therapy called foot reflexology massage.


Foot reflex massage is to stimulate the reflex zones of the feet to regulate the physiological function of diseased tissues and organs, and has been degraded or function of the loss of tissues and organs more or less to restore some of the original physiological function, Treatment, disease-free physical therapy and health care green therapy.


At the same time, people's feet quietly about the health of the body, feet reflex zones as if reflecting the health of the whole body of a mirror, every moment with a silent language to answer their related health. Experts point out: When the degree of disease up to 10%, the foot reflex zones will reflect the corresponding signs, and the human body to produce symptoms, can be detected by medical equipment, the disease has reached 70%.


Second, the principle of foot


















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