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Six major parts of the comprehensive massage to improve your immunity

Posted by Ruby on November 2, 2016 at 4:05 AM

The following recommended health law is a combination of Western medicine and massage to improve the massage, by adjusting the human nervous system, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular and other major systems, organ function, activation of dormant neural stem cells, improve the immune system function, can help you Treatment of various chronic diseases.


First, the brain


Cerebral cortex comprehensive contact area: the regulation of the cortex of the senior center, and secretion of 50 kinds of hormones to enhance central immune organ function.

Massage: the right palm in the intensity of horizontal pressure is the first clockwise direction Anrou 100-400 times. Massage, high blood pressure may pay attention to blood pressure changes, this method can lower blood pressure.


Second, the thyroid


Thyroid can improve the body's metabolic rate, promote growth and development, promote calcium reabsorption. Thymus is the target organ of thyroxine, massage the thyroid can enhance the immune function of the thymus.


Massage method: ① to the right hand in the strength of the 3 refers to the kneading of the left thyroid gland 100-400 times; ② to the left hand in the strength of rubbing the right side of the thyroid l00-400 times; ③ to the right thumb and forefinger kneading suture thigh Festival strength rubbing l00-400 times.


Third, the thymus


Thymus is the central immune organs, thymosin bone marrow stem cells will be trained to kill pathogens, microorganisms, bacteria, T lymphocytes, enhance immune function in the treatment of infectious diseases, the NK cells specifically kill cancer cells. Thymus below the sternum, even under the thyroid near the pericardium, left and right leaves.


Massage method: the right palm compression of the sternum end, palm root and finger root afterburner force clockwise direction rubbing 100-300, and then down the same Anrou 100-300. And finally save the empty box in the sternum up and down light hammer l00-300.


Fourth, the spleen


The spleen can hematopoietic, blood storage, filtration. Spleen in the left lower ribs along the chest. Spleen macrophages can swallow the blood of the antigen, foreign body, bacteria, viruses, and produce antibodies involved in human immune function.


Massage method: the hands of the ribs along the finger to take up the spleen below the surface 200-500 times, with the right palm, the left hand Anrou spleen 200-500 times before and after the surface, and appropriate before the hammer beat the l00-300 times .


Five, the liver


The liver is in the lower right rib of the chest. Liver secretion of bile to help digestion and absorption of fatty substances, involved in metabolism, storage glycogen. Liver macrophages can engulf and remove foreign bodies in the blood, bacteria and aging red blood cells, to prevent the occurrence of fatty liver, cirrhosis.


Massage method: the hands of the ribs along the finger to take up the following surface 200-500 times, with the left palm before and after the ankle 200-500 times before and after the body surface, and moderate before and after the beat hammer l00-300 times.


Six, adrenal gland


Adrenal gland in the top of the kidney, spine on both sides of the last two ribs in the body surface. Adrenal gland is responsible for the secretion of mineralocorticoids, regulating water and salt metabolism of sodium and potassium balance; its secretion of glucocorticoids and then treatment of severe infection, a variety of inflammation and anti-virus, treat autoimmune diseases. Secretion of a small amount of hormones can cure adrenal hypofunction.


Increase the glucocorticoid massage: side, to the right palm root strength rubbing the left adrenal gland 300-800 times; transposition to the left palm root rubbing the right adrenal gland 300-800 times.


Tips: 1. Personal massage to master from light to heavy by the principle of less to more. Ten days for a course of treatment. 2. The elderly due to relatively low immune function, can rest and then 4-6 courses. 3. Massage frequency and age is proportional to their master.


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