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Back Massage Healthy Method in Dubai

Posted by Ruby on October 9, 2016 at 6:30 AM

Due to overwork and posture often lead to improper back pain and other situations. Here, to introduce you to a simple low back massage in Dubai, can help you relax the back of the tension of the muscles, and back pain, lumbar muscle strain, thoracic lumbar disorders, and so have different degrees of adjuvant therapy.


Massage Your Back


With the palm of your hand or the fist on the back of the spine on both sides of the muscles of patients (first from the left muscle to do, do the right muscles), do light, gentle swing, pay attention to hand to hold the muscles to exert certain Pressure, do not massage on the skin. In a fixed point massage several seconds after the hand down a palm wide, and then repeat this operation until the massage above the buttocks.


With one hand or both hands of the thumb and index finger relative to the spine next to a strip of muscle hard to mention, while moving edge to mention, while mentioning side to take. First from the top down (from the neck to do more than the following hip), and then bottom-up (from the hips to do more than the neck below) operation. Repeat up and down twice. Note that symmetry in the operation to mention pinching, should not be forced to grasp the screw.


The thumbs on both sides of the finger on the back around the left and right sides to open a horizontal refers to the place, with a certain power point and continue for a few seconds, down a centimeter distance and then click, so until the hips above. In the event of pain-sensitive parts can be appropriately extended pressing time, pain points may have some discomfort in the body, by clicking can partially alleviate these discomfort.


With the palm of your hand on the waist (when the bottom of the cervical spine and thoracic spine between the most prominent depression) repeated friction (left and right hand alternately) 20-30 times. This operation can eliminate neck and shoulder muscle fatigue to prevent colds.


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